Individual Company Life insurance

You've been succesful in life and your home reflects that reality.

Accent Insurance Solutions is a leading insurer of homes valued over $750,000. Our brokers have exceptional product knowledge for these clients and we can build a coverage offering that is specific to your situation. We do business with all of Canada’s leading insurers specializing in this market.

Complimentary Home Appraisals

To ensure that your policy reflects the true reconstruction cost of your home you will receive a complimentary appraisal along with loss control recommendations to reduce the likelihood of a claim.

By-Laws Coverage

When you experience either a partial loss or the total loss of your home the cost of complying with building code by-laws can be significant. This coverage pays for the excess cost to restore your home caused by local by-laws.

Specific Coverage for Art, Jewelry, Collections, and Wine

You have a passion for art and have been collecting for years? You have a case of Chateau Margaux 1952 in your wine cellar? We have solutions tailored for your needs.