The Best of Both Worlds

Often considered an "Investment" product, Universal Life combines the advantages of life insurance protection with those of flexible investment options.

Tax-advantaged growth
Investment income earned within the policy will grow in a tax-sheltered manner, to a maximum specified under the Income Tax Act. This maximizes the net worth of the capital you invest.

Creditor protection
Policies may be protected from the claims of creditors provided a certain family relationship exists between you and your named beneficiary.

Probate bypass and tax free benefits
The proceeds from the policy can be paid directly to the named beneficiary tax-free, bypassing the estate and the delays and expenses surrounding probate.

Accessible cash values
You can withdraw a portion of the cash value built up within the policy.

Flexible protection
This feature gives you the flexibility to fund insurance needs by:

Increasing or decreasing premiums
Paying at unscheduled dates

Stopping and restarting payments
Paying premiums with the accumulated tax-free fund value from your policy.

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