Home insurance... well designed and well built!

Are you part of a group? You’ve come to the right address. Come in and discover some of the privileges that could be yours with home insurance under the Intact Insurance Group Home and Automobile Insurance Program.  What follows is just a sampling.

  • Deductible reduced by up to $300 on claims over $1,500*
  • Coverage for the replacement value of your home in case of total loss, even if you decide not to rebuild.

While the savings are a definite plus, just as compelling are the unique advantages of Intact Insurance Assistance, included at no extra charge**!

  • Toll-free Legal Advisor phone service.
  • Emergency home services at no extra charge: housekeeping, day care and nursing services.

Why do without?  Take advantage of these benefits and more! Call us today for a quote.

*Valid only on the first claim in three years.
**Intact Insurance Assistance services are provided through an outside firm and are not considered as claims in your file.

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